How we work

No matter what’s the size of business, we assign an account manager to every client who is experienced and is always on hand to respond to your needs quickly and suggest improvements as your business changes. SkySurge understands regulations, government and client deadlines within which partners and senior managers have to operate so our responsiveness is customized to your specific requirements.

1. Collaboration
Our collaborative approach combined with jointly concurred service level agreements provides the base on which we can build up a trustworthy relationship for long term advantage for your business.
2. Responsiveness
Our support team is all dedicated to resolve your queries with rapid action. We give you a ticket reference to allow you to track your problem through to resolution quickly and efficiently.
3. Security and Compliance
Visibility into your end user’s adoption and protecting sensitive data are our top priority. We understand security and compliance issues, we will help you decide how to avoid data risks.
4. Flexible Approach
We hold regular service improvement sessions with you where we review how we are performing against our service level agreement. We value your inputs so that we can deliver our 100% everytime.