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Microsoft Cloud Solution

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is a Microsoft licensing program that enables SkySurge to help clients with all their cloud requirements in a clearer and more adaptable way. Through it, it’s now feasible for SkySurge to arrange, manage and support all Microsoft services.

Benefit from the power capabilities and cost savings of the Microsoft Cloud Solution without giving up your existing systems or losing control of your applications and data. The challenge we take up and love to fulfill is to keep your business both flexible and agile in the face of increased competition, without destroying your ROI margins.

Microscoft Cloud

Microsoft Azure provides organizations with all the benefits of an enterprise-class data center without the hassle, headaches, and cost of maintaining such an entity.


Helps your business become more agile and competitive, so you can bring new products to market quicker.


It gives you a better view of your customers, with advanced data monitoring and evaluation.

Cost effective

Easy growth without the need for on-premise resources or extra server space, enabling you to focus on strategy and innovation rather than worrying about IT costs.


Manage the applications as though they were sitting on a server in your office but you gain the flexibility to customise as per your business needs, without the cost of doing so.